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What to Expect at CQP


$5600 attendance for 7 weeks June 14-August 2, 2015

$2800 attendance for 3 weeks, June 14-July 5 or July 12-August 2

$3700 attendance for 4 weeks at CQP (including Sonata Week) June 14-July 12, or July 5- August 2


Music stand/mute/extra strings/solo and chamber music parts and scores...Stationery/ hangers/laundry bag/swimsuit/$ for movies and snacks, Every room has its own computer outlets, but you may need an ethernet connector. Linens supplied. Wireless internet capacity. Computer banks in the library may be used to check email & access the internet. Laundry is free, except for the soap. Plenty of free parking.




The Castleman Quartet Program, in its forty-sixth season, develops both individual and ensemble skills and explores group dynamics, with at least 3 hours quartet rehearsal and 3 hours solo practice scheduled daily.



There are 2 1/2 lessons the first three weeks\. The fourth week features duo coaching and a private lesson.


Each seven-week participant selects, from solo repertory entirely learned at CQP, a work (up to 15 minutes), to be performed in a public concert at Fredonia, previewed when possible at an off-campus venue. There is a comparable performance opportunity for the three-week participant at either location

Each seven-week participant selects a work with significant piano partnership (which may or may not be the performed work) for duo coaching the fourth week. 

The private teacher is available daily for practice help.

Every seven-week participant is taught/helped by all CQP teachers of his/her instrument.

Four pianists with extensive accompanying experience are available for collaborative work.



Each participant is placed in a string quartet which performs a complete work every three weeks preceded by an off-campus tryout.

There are 9 hours of coaching on each work.

The quartet, by the final performance, is expected to be able to project its own ideas as well as those of the several coaches, taking responsibility for difficult interpretative decisions.

Each participant takes part in a weekly sight-reading session organized by the Director.




The Castleman Quartet Program has for over 20 years offered a piano intern program whereby young artists, employed or working on advanced academic degrees, spend from 4 to 7 weeks at THE CASTLEMAN QUARTET PROGRAM, residing this coming summer at SUNY Fredonia from June 14 until August 2.


Attendance for Piano Interns is tuition-free, for seven weeks, or the first four weeks, the last four weeks, or the last three weeks. Room and board is supplied, but the position is unsalaried. Each intern has a piano to himself/ herself, for practice and for rehearsal by appointment in the afternoon/evening. Many works are learned, all of which will be coached with Kyoko Hashimoto at QP East. Many will be performed.

Applicants for the piano intern program of  THE CASTLEMAN QUARTET PROGRAM should send a CV, (including contact information) plus all works studied/performed to date, of whatever size, including violin, viola, and/or cello. Please also send a 15-20 minute CD/DVD of  movements/ excerpts in 3 contrasting styles. At least one should be chamber music- a Sonata is satisfactory. 

Current positions of some CQP collaborative piano alumni:

Toni-Marie Montgomery: Dean Music School Northwestern

Audrey Axxin: Mannes Collaborative Chair/ Juilliard Fortepiano

Michael Beattie: BU/ conductor:Emmanuel Music

James Howsmon: Oberlin Collaborative Chair

Sylvia Kahan: Music Coordinator CUNY Staten Island

Joanne Polk: Manhattan School Chamber Mus Coordinator

Jonathan Shames: Mus Dir U Oklahoma Orchestra& Opera Prizewinner Tchaikovsky Piano Competition

Ayako Tsuruta: University Missouri/Director Plowman Chamber Music Competition

Elizabeth Azcona Hartmark: Peabody

Linda Boianova: Nazareth

Carlos Fagundo: Sweet Briar

Randall Fusco: Hiram

Rose Grace: Bethune-Cookman

Judy Gordon: Smith

Anne Kissel Harper: SUNY Fredonia

Anna Kijanowska: William & Mary/ Levine School

Neal Kurz: Rice/Meadowmount

Kyle Linscheid: W Virginia

TJ Lymenstull: Interlochen

Sung Hoon Mo: Music Center of the North Shore

Su Mi Park: Stanford

Michael Salmirs:Finger Lakes Chamb Ens/ SUNYBinghmtn

Omri Shimron: Elon

Susan Snyder: Interlochen

Andrea Sokol: Texas Lutheran

Allie YuYing Su: Oberlin

Jocelyn Swigger: Gettysburg

Sylvia Wang: Northwestern

Antoine Zemor: Morgan Trust

Fei Fei Zhang: Philadelphia Settlement School

Chris Burton: Academie Ste Cecile (Ontario,Canada)

Young Kyung Hyun: Korea National University

Erica Ohm: Seoul (Korea) National University

Jennifer Wakeling: Queensland (Australia) Conservatory

Sophie Yu: Nanton (Taiwan) Conservatory



Please indicate if you are applying for less than seven weeks. Applications will be accepted until the end of March.



Castleman Quartet Program East

Grissom Hall (physical location)

280 Central Ave.

University Commons

Fredonia NY 14063 (mail address)




---Fredonia is one hour's drive from Niagara Falls.

For other local happenings, the Fredonia Village Chamber of Commerce website is:











Quartet rehearsal


Private practice (practice help during this period)





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Quartet rehearsal

6:00- 7:00




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Private practice



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