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The Castleman Quartet Program is in residence at S.U.N.Y.Fredonia, located in a picturesque rural village in the Western New York county of Chautauqua You can learn more about this campus and the surrounding areas by checking out the "S.U.N.Y.Fredonia Virtual tour " "fast facts"(follow the links below). Those web-pages have links to campus maps as well as regional, community, and university information. You can also visit Rosch Hall (link below) in Mason Music Building where most concerts are held at Fredonia

All CQP rehearsal rooms, teaching rooms, and concert halls are air-conditioned.

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S.U.N.Y.Fredonia's Virtual tour page; S.U.N.Y.Fredonia's fast facts page
Rosch Hall





via New York State Thruway

via I-86 (formerly Rt. 17 Southern tier Expressway) / Rt. 60 North

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