* – indicates Advisory Board member

President- New England Conservatory & Concert Cellist

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to say a word in support of The Quartet Program.  Over the many years that I have had the privilege of watching it in action, I have seen the incredibly rich contribution it makes in the formative stages of young musicians’ skills and artistry.  You have managed to structure a summer activity which is an ideal blend of discipline, encouragement and freedom for creativity and the list of young artists who have been through the program and gone on to significant accomplishment in the world of music is indeed impressive.  Bravo!  And long may you prosper!!”

Concert Cellist

The Quartet Program is the best program of its kind that I know.  Every young person not only learns many of the great works written for this genre, but they must also learn how to work with each other and to communicate the most personal thoughts to their colleagues.  No one emerges from the program without great love of music and better knowledge of interpersonal relationships.  I view this program as a training ground for lifemanship.”

Concert Violinist

“I have had the pleasure to attend The Quartet Program some years ago and found it to be a wonderful experience.  The atmosphere was conducive to playing and studying great chamber music.  All the participants had a wonderful time while having a most important and unique opportunity.”

Concert Pianist and Director Marlboro Music Festival

“I want you to know that you and your summer students’ visits mean very much not only to me personally but to many of the Marlboro participants.”

Former concertmaster, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“Charlie Castleman’s Quartet Program and Marlboro and Tanglewood have developed such a level of expertise and repertoire that was unknown 25 years ago.”

Concert Violinist and Chairman, Carnegie Hall

“The Quartet Program is very impressive.  Even more impressive is both the quality and success ratio of the people that are involved.  I congratulate you.”

Founding 1st Violin, Vermeer Quartet

“It was a privilege to perform and coach at The Quartet ProgramThe Quartet Program is an important and unique place for young musicians.  It fills a void in the chamber music possibilities for string quartets in the U.S.A.  The atmosphere as well as the quality of both the teachers and students make it a great institution which plants seeds for the future of music making in the U.S.A.  I warmly recommend The Quartet Program to my students, as well as any other young string players, and look forward to my next association at this wonderful place.”

Founding 2nd Violin, Guarneri Quartet

“I believe very strongly in programs such as The Quartet Program, headed by Charles Castleman.  These schools give extraordinary students concentrated and advanced instruction, not always available elsewhere.  My own daughter attended The Quartet Program and profited from it greatly.  I encourage all who are interested to support this concept to assure its continuation.”

Founding 2nd Violin, Juilliard Quartet

“My three year association on your faculty has convinced me that your program is unique in America.  It has, with good reason, attracted superior students who have benefited greatly from the opportunities offered to them.  Your faculty is chosen from the most distinguished musicians in this country and your own contribution as administrator and musical director has been superb.”

Founding 1st Violin, Guarneri Quartet

“It is my great pleasure to recommend The Quartet Program in the highest possible terms.  Based on my own experience there during several visits, and the countless number of students I have heard who have benefited from the program, it has to be considered as one of the most successful chamber music laboratories around.  For all would-be contributors small and large I cannot think of a more worthwhile center for our musical future.”

Founding Viola, Guarneri Quartet

“It has been my pleasure in past years to appear as guest instructor at The Quartet Program.  My experience has been all that a musician could ask for– highly gifted students working toward a common musical goal with the personal and artistic encouragement of your marvelous faculty.  It is a Mecca for young quartet players.”