Session Payments

Payable to “Castleman Quartet Program”, and mailed to Prof. Castleman in Miami  IF  delivery is guaranteed to arrive by Wed May 30, 2018.

There are 3 options for making an online payment.  For Venmo, please go to the private CQP18 group page on Facebook for CQP’s ID name, listed in “Files” (upper left sidebar menu for the group page).  For Transferwise or OFX, please contact Nancy Nehring for CQP’s routing and account numbers.

A payment site that acts like a bridge between your bank account and the CQP bank account.  Create a Venmo account using one or more bank accounts as a payment source, then make your payment to CQP’s Venmo account.  No fee is charged if you use your linked checking or savings account, Venmo balance, debit card or prepaid card.  (Venmo payments made with a credit card are charged a 3% fee.)

While this site is intended for international transfers, it appears it can also be used for payments between U.S. accounts.  You can pay from a debit card, credit card  or  bank account, with fees between .15% and 1.85%.  The fee and any exchange rate (which is very good) are shown upfront, along w/ how long it will take (no more than a week).  There is a daily limit of $2,000 for credit card transfers, and $10,000 for bank accounts.  You can create an account or use your Facebook or Google log-ins.  The website is very easy to understand, and there is a site translation pull-down menu in many languages.  It handles many currencies.

This can be used only for international transfers, and only between bank accounts.  The account set-up is easy although it requires verification by phone (a toll-free number). No transfer fee is charged. There is a very small exchange rate mark-up, usually less than 1%.  It takes several business days, and handles more currencies than Transferwise.

Transferwise or OFX may want a name, address and/or telephone number for recipient:  please use the Contact Us page info.